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BISA FZE Company

provides a full range of services to assist in the United Arab Emirates. We help in business, searching for successful investment decisions, selection of real estate, as well as the organization of leisure for tourists. Our main goal - to positive reviews and emotions of our customers and satisfaction with the quality of services provided to them.

WHAT is attractive United Arab Emirates for foreign entrepreneurs:

First of all, it is a rich and reputable country with a high GDP (per capita) with an open and loyal to the international business policy. The largest local businessmen (the descendants of the royal dynasties), are at the political helm, it gives a guarantee of stability that is so valued by investors.

A strong banking sector: In addition to the local banks (First Gulf, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic etc.) Are representative offices of major international banks (HSBC, Standard Chartered, Barclays etc.). Those promotes excellent service with low cost and loyalty to clients.

The complete absence of taxes, numerous subsidy programs in promising sectors.

The Government offers special tax treatment in dozens of free economic zones in its territory.

To sum up the above listed advantages - you get the ideal jurisdiction, which can be used for tax planning and investment purposes.

In recent years, more and more businessmen are attracted by the UAE with the ability to obtain a residence permit, opening and doing business at an affordable price.

Can I protect information constituting bank secrecy in the world?

Research of BISA FZE Company showed that to date, only the United Arab Emirates are the optimal jurisdiction (a residence permit, opening a business, open an account in local bank).

Hide in a foreign bank account is still possible, even with the automatic exchange of tax information with OECD countries. To do this, you have to live or own property in the UAE

However, it is necessary to open a residence permit in the UAE as the country tax-free (in contrast to other countries, which provide a residence permit or citizenship).

BENEFITS of getting residency in the UAE:

- Simple, fast and not very expensive (the maximum amount for the opening a company in one of the Free Economic Zones UAE is about $ 10,000 - $ 11,000) Residence permit is not only for the owner of the company, but also for his entire family too (we recommend Free Zone of Ras Al Khaimah, due to the lack of accounting and statutory audit).

- Tax-free country (even if the United Arab Emirates will sign Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECDagreement, and we think that it will happen necessarily, because "able to persuade Switzerland", taxes are required to pay for all holders of a residence visa in other countries, however in the United Arab Emirates with tax-free policy allows you save more money comparing to other countries.

- There is no law on compulsory residence in the country (United Arab Emirates).

- The ability to open an account in local UAE banks.

You can get a residence permit in the UAE through the purchase of real estate, but the minimum value of the property must be at least 1 million dirhams (about 275,000$ or 245,000€). If this option is suitable for you, we are ready to assist in the purchase of apartments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities in UAE, with registration of the residence permit.


Unfortunately the competences of many Real Estate Agents in obtaining investment income, tax optimization for investments in UAE real estate, owner residency in the country, are very low. The professionalism of the agents, especially in the boom period for the purchase of residential real estate United Arab Emirates (from 2012 to 2014) is often required only to the knowledge of the language for conversation with potential buyers (Europe, Russia, India, China, etc.).

Over 6 years of experience in the UAE real estate market, we are very rarely met employees Real Estate, which is really interested in the property owner's income, the most important thing for them was - is to obtain fee income (2% of the property value).

They can be understood, as the owners of Real Estate companies require their employee’s maximum financial result and this result is directly dependent wage agent.

Therefore, there is a situation that buying property in the UAE, you can get a lot of problems, ranging from the opening of a personal bank account (not all banks are willing to open for you an account without registration permit) prior to payment of utility bills.

Managers of our company have extensive and successful experience (over 20 years) of investing in various financial products.

Depending on your wishes, we will select the best investment decisions to best advantage and optimize your taxes (when buying property in the UAE, and putting it out, and other investment decisions) in your country of residence.

The list of services BISA FZE:

The main focus of our work is to provide business services, including:

- Offshore company registration in Ras Al Khaimah

- Company registration in Free Economic Zones UAE

- Opening bank accounts for the companies or individuals in the UAE banks

- Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in the United Arab Emirates

- Procedure certification and legalization of documentation, corporate and personal

- Services in organization of leisure in United Arab Emirates

Real Estate Services:

Today, in the presence of Finance it is very important to get a well-diversified portfolio of investments and an additional source of income, which is certainly a property. Despite the fact that many investors are now focused on the flow of cheap money and foreign exchange transactions, securities, and real estate is still considered as an effective tool for investment. That is why a special place in our work, the services related to the real estate, including:

- Purchasing and selling of flats, apartments and villas in the UAE

- Assist the client in the long-term lease of property, we are ready to find property with ROI almost 10% per year

- Search for candidates for short-term rental housing with the greatest benefit for our customers

Investing in real estate has many advantages as a house can be called a kind of insurance against possible inflation. After all, the greater the inflation, the higher the income. (United Arab Emirates during last few years (2010-till date) property prices increased by 44%!

Help in the organization of leisure in United Arab Emirates:

Our company provides the services of recreation in the UAE. We offer:

- Selection of apartments, villas or apartments for a good holiday in the UAE customer preferences (higher savings, more privacy, private pool and beach, high speed internet and etc.). Apartments and villas are particularly useful when going on vacation with friends or family with children. We will find you the perfect option;

- The organization of excursion tours in the United Arab Emirates;

- Search for the best hotel rooms in the UAE with a rating of 4 and 5 stars;

Company registration:

UAE - is a legitimate alternative to the classic offshore. The UAE is not a member of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) so UAE not obliged to share information with financial institutions and other countries. When registering a company in the territory of the Emirates you open access to international markets and to ensure a successful business without a tax legitimate "white" offshore.

UAE are not included to a black list of FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering)and are not a "tax haven", so opening and managing a company registered in the UAE, you use the principles of the tax-free regime and to maximize profits, which are supported by the Government - a complete company of Emirates.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

You will be pleasantly surprised the cost of our services, as we work with our customers directly without any agents. Our company is registered in the Ras al-Khaimah, this gives us a number of advantages in a lot of action. All BISA FZE customer information is always confidential; in our work we use an individual approach. If you have any questions, you can contact our experts, leaving the application, ordering the call or leaving other type of contacts (whatsapp, facebook, viber, skype and etc). Employees BISA FZE promptly responds to your request and consults you on all aspects of interest to you quickly and will process your requests and orders in a fast way.

If you are interested of buying or renting a property, opening accounts or companies, as well as a comfortable stay in the territory of the United Arab Emirates, BISA FZE professionals at your service!