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BISA FZE- your personal, reliable, honest and fully confidential assistant in the UAE! Our company operates in several ways to let you get the full package of our services,

Our main goal is to make you satisfied that appealed to our company.

BISA FZE Company registered in Ras al-Khaimah.

We work with you directly, without agents, which positively affects the efficiency of mutual understanding with customers, as well as the beneficial impact on the cost of services. Our company guarantees you complete privacy and a conscientious approaches to each your order.

Please contact one of the most convenient way for you (application, order a call, contacts) and we will reply to your requests as soon as possible and fulfill the tasks set by you.


1.Business services:

- Registration of offshore companies in Ras Al Khaimah (UAE)

- Legalization and certification of corporate and personal documents

- Resident registration of the company (LLC) in UAE (with a local partner)

- Registration of companies in Free Economic Zones

- Opening of personal and corporate bank accounts in UAE

- Obtaining a residence permit in UAE


In UAE, the company can have only one license (several options) and one office (the area which is defined by the owner of the company, depending on the required number of work visas for the operation of the company) and one bank account (for the company license). You can open multiple accounts on this license in the UAE or other banks outside the territory of the UAE. If you want to register a company in the UAE, which would have more than one license, you need to have a license for each office.

2. Real estate in UAE

Purchase / sell(profitably buy or sell your property in the UAE). Recommended areas of Dubai for the purchase of real estate:

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Downtown, JVC, Sport city, Al Furjan, Jumeirah Beach Residence etc. We do not recommend buying apartments in new buildings, a very big risk, since the deadline may be delayed for a long time after the completion, the price of your apartment can be much higher than the market price.

- Long-term rental of your property (find property to rent with maximum ROI 10% per annum)

- Short term rental of your apartment or villa (offer the most favorable ways of cooperation, in order to maximize profits)

Rules to purchase property in the UAE:

When buying real estate in UAE, the buyer goes to a real estate agency. Constitute a purchase contract agent Real Estate Property. The contract must be present: successful bid price, expiration date of the contract, the amount of the payment agent (typically 2% of the purchase price and is payable by the buyer). Also prescribed amount of 4% of the purchase price - the tax in Dubai Land Committee (Land Department). Payment for registration of ownership of the document is usually the amount of $ 200 and is payable by the buyer upon receipt of the certificate of ownership in the Land Department. Purchase agreement signed by the buyer and his agent on the first side and the seller and his agent on the other side. By contract, the buyer has to make a bank check 10% of the purchase amount (check must be with your agent - not under any circumstances do not pass this bill to the agent of the seller and the seller or more). Seller collects all the necessary documents and then assigned the day of registration of real estate purchase in the Land Department.

Please note some unscrupulous agents Real Estate negotiate with the seller and inflate the price of the property (you need to check the price of this property in several Real Estate Agents, as well as the use of such tactics - as the "trade").

We do not recommend buying real estate in the UAE, which has no certificate of ownership, since the receiving process can drag on for many years and you will not be able to sell or lease the purchased property, as we saw at first hand.

RULES for renting Real Estate in United Arab Emirates:

If you are the owner of the property in the UAE and want to rent your property to get the highest rental income, you must adhere to simple rules:

- It is best to contact the agency (agencies) for property to lease your apartment, you can conclude an agreement with them in writing (not strictly necessary), as will be willing to rent your property, the agent will show it.

- Alerts to inform you about the client wishes to rent your apartment, it is NECESSARY to make a rental contract (Tenancy Contract), in which you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Specify the date of start and finishing the term of the lease.

2. Correctly specify your name and names of your tenant with passport data.

3. Specify the address of your property

4. Specify the full amount for the entire term of the lease of your apartment (we recommend you rental period of one year).

5. Be sure to specify in the contract who (the owner or tenant) pays for utilities: telephone, electricity, water, internet and etc. Sometimes, payment for A/C or chiller is not included in the utilities.

6. Be sure the contract shall specify the conditions for early termination on the part of the owner or by the tenant. Typically, the tenant must notify the property owner for 1 month on the road and it kept the sum of 1 month stay.

7. The agent shall register the contract in the Land Department (Land Committee), and only after your LEASE deemed to have entered into force.

Payment to a Real Estate agent is usually 5% of the annual rent and must be paid by tenant.

3. Tourism in UAE

1. Selection of apartments or villas for an amazing holiday in UAE with customer preferences (higher savings, more privacy, private pool or beach, window views, higher or lower floors, and etc.). Apartments and villas are particularly useful when going on vacation with friends or family with children. We will find you the perfect option.

KEY BENEFITS of Short-term rental properties in Dubai:

- Fully furnished home

- You are a complete owner of the house for the duration of your visit

- Weekly cleaning and change of bed sheets are already included in the price

- Security and reliability

- Provide individual transfer and excursion service

2. Excursions in UAE

3. The best hotels of UAE (4*,5*)