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The company BISA FZE

We provides services for the purchase and lease of residential real estate in the UAE, offering its clients the most elite residential complexes in Dubai, on Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, Emirates Living, and other central areas of the city.

Real Estate in the UAE - it is an ideal investment of funds and the ability to live and do business in one of the most amazing countries in the world. The mysterious tradition, a great culture, a fascinating religion and the absence of any tax - all this attracts investors from around the world in the Emirates. Buying a villa or apartment will be the best value of your life.

Foreign investors in the largest city on the Persian Gulf feel very comfortable: developed real estate market and full of proposals and transparent local legislation contributes to the manifestation of economic interest.

BISA FZE will buy property in Dubai according to your wishes and possibilities:

- The area of the property

- The cost of real estate

- The investment attractiveness of real estate (depending on the purpose of purchase: renting or independent living).

On our website are approximate property prices in Dubai, the location of objects, photographs and descriptions, plans of apartments. Let us know your preferences, we will find you the best of the available options and send you photos of apartments (villas) and arrange viewing.

Investing in Dubai - it's an investment in the rapidly developing metropolis, full of ambitious plans and incredible designs.

Our employees - professionals in their field, depending on customer needs, pick up the property that will meet all the necessary requirements (obtaining the highest possible rental income (ROI), from 5% to 9% per year - in case of purchase of real estate as an investment object).

High professionalism and quality assessment of BISA FZE managers - is the fact that more than half of the employees of the largest Russian oil company "Lukoil" in the UAE enjoy their help in renting apartments in Dubai.

Investment profit from real estate in the UAE depends on the following factors:

- Prestige of the area

- View from the window (the Persian Gulf, Palm, Marina, etc.)

- The presence and size of the balcony

- The name and reputation of the property developer

Rules for buying property in the UAE:

When buying real estate in UAE, the buyer goes to a real estate agency. Constitute a purchase contract agent Real Estate Property. The contract must be present: successful bid price, expiration date of the contract, the amount of the payment agent (typically 2% of the purchase price and is payable by the buyer). Also prescribed amount of 4% of the purchase price - the tax in Dubai Land Committee (Land Department). Payment for registration of ownership of the document is usually the amount of $ 200 and is payable by the buyer upon receipt of the certificate of ownership in the Land Department. Purchase agreement signed by the buyer and his agent on the first side and the seller and his agent on the other side. By contract, the buyer has to make a bank check 10% of the purchase amount (check must be with your agent - not under any circumstances do not pass this bill to the agent of the seller and the seller or more). Seller collects all the necessary documents and then assigned the day of registration of real estate purchase in the Land Department.

Please note some unscrupulous agents Real Estate negotiate with the seller and inflate the price of the property (you need to check the price of this property in several Real Estate Agents, as well as the use of such tactics - as the "trade").

We do not recommend buying real estate in the UAE, which has no certificate of ownership, since the receiving process can drag on for many years and you will not be able to sell or lease the purchased property, as we saw at first hand.

RULES for renting Real Estate in United Arab Emirates:

If you are the owner of the property in the UAE and want to rent your property to get the highest rental income, you must adhere to simple rules:

- It is best to contact the agency (agencies) for property to lease your apartment, you can conclude an agreement with them in writing (not strictly necessary), as will be willing to rent your property, the agent will show it.

- Alerts to inform you about the client wishes to rent your apartment, it is NECESSARY to make a rental contract (Tenancy Contract), in which you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Specify the date of start and finishing the term of the lease.

2. Correctly specify your name and names of your tenant with passport data.

3. Specify the address of your property

4. Specify the full amount for the entire term of the lease of your apartment (we recommend you rental period of one year).

5. Be sure to specify in the contract who (the owner or tenant) pays for utilities: telephone, electricity, water, internet and etc. Sometimes, payment for A/C or chiller is not included in the utilities.

6. Be sure the contract shall specify the conditions for early termination on the part of the owner or by the tenant. Typically, the tenant must notify the property owner for 1 month on the road and it kept the sum of 1 month stay.

7. The agent shall register the contract in the Land Department (Land Committee), and only after your LEASE deemed to have entered into force.

Payment to a Real Estate agent is usually 5% of the annual rent and must be paid by tenant.

Suggestions for property owners:

Get the rent check for the amount of the contract, and as soon as money will come to your account, give the registered lease to the tenant, it will reduce your risk of not get the money for the rent of your property and litigation.

Our company carries out a professional examination of the property before buying or renting it, because any change could lead to material costs and losses even during its operation. Qualified experts will help buy/rent a spacious apartment with a beautiful view and the location quickly and without the mess. We guarantee that the prices of all represented in our real estate and it is quite acceptable.

Here is one example: we had a client who wants to sell his property. He bought six months ago for 1220000 dirhams, but when he bought, apartment was already tenanted, according to the agent who sold the property, had six months more to release her. Rent is 93,000 dirhams(which is quite less then market prices) and our client believed the words of the agent and tenant. Now the client wants to sell apartment, but when our staff met with the tenant, it turned out that tenants changed mind to leave the apartment. Now the landlord can evict the tenant and sell the apartment only by court order, and that the time loss and material costs, because our client would like to sell his apartment for 1330000 dirhams, but potential buyers do not want to buy this property with the tenant with such a low amount rent.

Our client mistakes:

- He has not made a written notice of contract end to the tenant (you must do a written notice, notarized, one year before the end of the rent and shall send by mail).

- He notifies the tenant to raise the rent price (done in writing 3 months before the end of the lease), otherwise the rental amount remains the same.

If you decide to purchase housing in the United Arab Emirates, the apartment of your dreams will be found in our catalog, our company's staff will meet you upon arrival at Dubai airport and take a tour of residential real estate objects.

Unlike other companies, we do not throw attention after receiving the commission. We will help you for free to conclude contracts with companies providing public services and the management company. And also will help adapt to the UAE, get health insurance, and arrange school for your children. Of course, you will organize themselves and get used to the life of this country, but we are happy to help adapt at first and show you what to do in some cases. Extensive experience allows us to say that all our customers are satisfied with the purchase of property with the help of BISA FZE.

BISA FZE Company provides customers with an unparalleled level of service and personal attention.

Buying Property in Dubai: Pros and Cons

On our site you can find the most popular Dubai residential buildings with approximate prices for them. But this is not an exhaustive list of what we can offer, at your request, we will find apartments or villas of your interested building / district of Dubai.

You can also use our service "delivery of rental income personally into the hands of property owners in the UAE."

* Following the list of the properties, to let you get idea with the project and prices for purchase / sale and lease:


Бурж Халифа (Burj Khalifa) самый высокий из всех небоскребов мира, как существующих, так и планируемых. Вокруг небоскреба множество гостиниц, торговый центр Dubai Mall, офисные и жилые здания, а также самый высокий в мире «танцующий фонтан». На 18 нижних этажах разместился отель Armani Hotel, а 700 роскошных квартир заняли этажи с 18 по 108. Звоните нам и мы подберем для Вас апартаменты Вашей мечты!


Elite Residence возвышается на 91 этаж и входит в число одних из самых высоких жилых зданий мира расположенный возле насыпного острова The Palm Jumeira на территории комплекса Дубай Марина на первой от моря линии домов.

* MARINA GATE (1,2,3)

Marina Gate состоит из трех высотных зданий: Marina Gate 1, Marina Gate 2, Marina Gate 3.


Проект включает в себя: Quay East, Quay North, Quay West. В зданиях, объединённых общим подиумом, предлагаются квартиры с одной, двумя и тремя спальнями, а также виллы, расположенные на уровне подиума. Большинство квартир открывают великолепный вид на Марину.


Princess Tower — жилой небоскрёб, расположенный в Дубае в районе Дубай Марина, ОАЭ. Высота здания составляет 414 м, при 101 этаже — это второе по высоте жилое здание в мире.

* CAYAN TOWER (Infinity Tower)

Величественный небоскреб Cayan Tower (бывшее название Infinity Tower) создан с целью стать самым изящным и роскошным зданием в Dubai Marina. Архитектура этой башни такова, что каждый этаж сдвинут под небольшим углом к предыдущему, таким образом, положение первого и 80-го будет отличаться на 90 градусов.


«Ботаника» - 36-ти этажное жилое здание, расположившееся в нескольких шагах от песчаных пляжей. Из окон апартаментов открываются виды на престижный район Дубаи Марина, морской пейзаж и знаменитую Пальм Джумейра.


Palm Jumeirah


Dubai Marina