​Obtaining a residence permit in the UAE

In recent years, people are showed great interest in obtaining a residence permit and citizenship in the EU.

Obtaining a residence permit, without the requirement for compulsory accommodation, it was easier to do through investments. The cost of the "entrance ticket to Europe" was based on the country 250 - 500 thousand euro €!

British investor visa as of January 2016 is worth 2 million pounds.

As for visa-free travel to all EU countries can obtain a passport of Caribbean (Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia). As a general rule, is to buy real estate in the amount of 400 000 $, plus all kinds of payments to agents, the procedure lasts up to a year!!

At the moment, the EU authorities have begun to change the criteria of business emigration. The reason for obtaining a residence permit or extension now serves not only the registration of a local company with a payroll director, and management of real business and paying huge taxes! If your business does not meet these criteria, even valid residence permit may be revoked.

Let us not forget also to abolish bank secrecy in 2018, more than 65 countries (all of the most famous offshore jurisdictions) have already agreed to use about 40 countries to join the system of automatic exchange of financial information in 2017.

Therefore, more and more wealthy people from around the world are turning their attention to other countries, where you can obtain a residence permit for less costly program and without many obligations:

- High taxes

- A mandatory residence in the country of residence permit

- The employment of local citizens

- Criterion (clear benefits from the activities of the company for the country)

Research of BISA FZE company showed that to date only the United Arab Emirates are the best jurisdiction for obtaining a residence permit.

Advantages over other jurisdictions:

- Tax-free country (even if the United Arab Emirates will sign the OECD standard, and we think that it will happen necessarily, taxes are required to pay all holders of a residence visa in all countries, but the UAE NO !!

- Simple, fast and not very expensive (about $5 800 - $ 8 000, depending on the type of activity), you can register your company in one of the free economic zones of the United Arab Emirates (we recommend Ras al-Khaimah)

- There is no law on the mandatory residency in the country of residence (UAE)

- A residence permit for the whole family (owner of the company has the right to issue a residence permit for their relatives)

- The possibility of opening an account in one of the local banks in the United Arab Emirates (on the level of customer service is not inferior to European banks)

In addition, the whole way of life of UAE opens great prospects and opportunities for the construction and the successful development of your business!! The minimum level of crime, the stability of the current national currency, a wide offer of residential and commercial properties to buy and rent, as well as excellently organized infrastructure - all this makes the United Arab Emirates is very attractive for the organization of a new own business or expanding an existing one, as well as obtaining a residence in this country.

United Arab Emirates, as well as many Middle East countries do not grant citizenship to foreign nationals.

Visa to UAE can be short or long. Tourist and visitor visas are for short-term visas, which can get the most times and which provide an opportunity to stay in UAE from 1-3 months. Long-term visa - UAE resident visa that is renewed every 3 years, gives the right to permanent residence in the United Arab Emirates. Working visa renewed every 2 years.

PRIVILEGES of residence visa in the UAE:

- Exemption from any tax fees.

- The opportunity to provide a residence permit in the UAE for the family members and close relatives

- Move freely in other, neighboring countries of the Persian Gulf

- The opportunity to buy property in Dubai or any other city in the United Arab Emirates

- The opening of the personal account in the UAE bank with more advanced features.


BUYING of real estate, valued at more than 1 million dirham (approximately $ 275,000) in the UAE, allows the property owner to obtain a residence permit in the UAE. The company BISA FZE will help you to get best from the investment side of real estate in Dubai, which you will not only get a residence permit in the UAE, but:

- WHEN TAKING YOUR PROPERTY FOR RENT (long-term) – revenues (ROI) amounted to from 5-7% per annum in US dollars.

- WHEN TAKING YOUR PROPERTY FOR RENT (short-term) – revenues (ROI) amounted to 7-10% per annum in US dollars, our company has the experience and guarantees the reliability and integrity, you receive the maximum income.

There are the following ways of obtaining a residence permit in the UAE:

- A visa to the UAE through the business registration in the UAE

- A residence permit in the UAE for family members and close relatives of the founder of the company

- A residence permit in the UAE for a company employee registered in the UAE

- A residence permit in the UAE for students of educational institutions

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