​Registration of Offshore Company in UAE (Ras Al Khaimah)

BISA FZE Company is the official agent (License RAK OFFSHORE L1 05 14 375) for the registration of offshore companies in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

The cost of registering companies in the UAE (Ras Al Khaimah) - 1785 USD

- Registration of the company, including the government tax payment

- Legal address for 1 year

- Mailbox for 1 year

The cost of opening an account in one of the United Arab Emirates banks (necessarily personal presence) - 500 USD.

Annual maintenance cost - 1300 USD.

If ordering 2 or more companies discount up to 10%!!!!!!

To buy offshore in the United Arab Emirates, simply contact our company.

Ras Al Khaimah

Offshore companies today have become very popular. Such companies, opened in countries with taxation on preferential terms, under which the amount of taxes is virtually independent of the turnover, the company's profit or any other financial indicators. One of the friendliest countries in which you can open an offshore account is considered to be the United Arab Emirates.

Ras Al Khaimah - offshore zone in the UAE, cost-effective alternative to Dubai Emirates (Opening offshore in the Jebel Ali is advisable if you are going to make real estate transactions in the territory of the Dubai. Process of registration of offshore in Jebel Ali is complex and more expensive, as well as audit requirement and the requirement for the minimum number of directors).

Ras Al Khaimah combines all the best qualities of a classic offshore company and the prestige of the most famous tax jurisdictions. If you open offshore company in Ras Al Khaimah, you will ensure that your business has strong reputation.

The advantages of Ras Al Khaimah are:

- Zero taxation

- Complete confidentiality

- The possibility of 5 licenses per company

- The company can operate with one director and shareholder.

- Available for the registration of companies without a visit to the UAE.

- An offshore company registered in the free economic zone will be able to do business around the world, with the exception of the UAE itself.

- There is no requirement for the introduction of the authorized capital, which is important at the stage of setting up a business


Select the name of the company (come up with three names in order of preference, and send us, we will check them for availability.)

Documents from the client for the company registration:

1. A scanned copy of a valid passport, colored, signature anywhere on the face of the copy of passport holder.

2. Utility bill with an indication of address (in the language of the country of residence) or other document confirming the accommodation at the indicated address

3. Original confirmation letter from the bank of your account, - without specifying the amount (translated into English)

4. Bank statement on cash flow for the last 3 months (translated into English)

As soon as we receive from you the necessary documents, we will send a bill amount of 1785 USD. Upon receipt of funds, we begin registration of your company (1-3 business days).

Types of offshore companies:

- To act as a holding company.

- To own shares in other companies

- General trading.

- Management and Business consultancy.

- Real Estate consultancy.

- To own properties and others.

- IT Consultancy

- Agricultural Consultancy

- Real Estate Development

- Environmental Consultancy

- Marketing Concultancy

- Feasibility studies Consultancy

- Project Management Consultancy

- Engineering Consultancy

- Water, Sewage & Irrigation Engineering Services

- Human Resource Consultancy

- Technology Consultancy

- Holding company

- Sports Consultancy

- Building & Road Construction

Any type of legal business activities with the exception of banking and insurance business.

We provide additional services for offshore in the UAE for an additional charge:

- Opening an account for offshore company carried out exclusively in the local UAE banks, international financial institutions not provide services to non-residents to open accounts. Bank preferences will be discussed with the client, when opening an account must be the personal presence of the owner or director of the company (The price will depend on client’s preferences)

- Registration Extension of offshore companies (requires annual renewal, the cost is about $ 1300).

- Consulting and legal support of offshore companies (The price will depend on client’s requests).

Note that when you open an offshore company, owners are not granted for a residence permit in the UAE. If you are interested in the possibility of opening a residence visa in the UAE, you should pay attention to the opening of the company in one of the free economic zones. It combines the advantages inherent in the majority of offshore companies, with operations in the UAE, and the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in the UAE for founders and members of their families.

BISA FZE Company is the official agent for company registration in Free Trade Zone of Ras Al Khaimah.

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