​Company registration in FEZ (FREE ECONOMIC ZONES) UAE

Each year, the UAE attracts thousands of investors from around the world due to the unique conditions created for business. The complete absence of taxes and secure banking system provide the guarantee for business.

Registering your company in the UAE is quite simple and does not require large material costs.

BISA FZE Company is the official agent for company registration in Free Trade Zone of Ras Al Khaimah.

License number RAKIA 74 FZ3 02 14 7098


- 100% foreign ownership

- Full repatriation of capital

- The complete absence of taxes

- Ability to obtain UAE resident visas

- There are no requirements for the provision of financial statements (only applicable in FEZ Ras Al Khaimah, the other FEZ requires the provision of audit once a year).

- Ability to open a bank account outside the UAE



- For the investor (owner of the company) - 4,300 AED (visa validity period of 3 years)

- For the company employees - 3,200 AED (visa validity period 2 years)

Necessary documents for opening onshore companies in FEZ of UAE:

- The name of the company and the required license

- Copy of the passport holder (s), copy of the page in passport with a stamp of last entry to UAE.(If the holder never have been in UAE, shall apply for any type of visa (visit, tourist visas) and to send a copy of visa to us. And you can use that visa for entering the UAE to sign final papers)

- Payment for open company

- RAKEZ application form dully fille


In the UAE, the company can have only one license (several options) and one office (the area which is defined by the owner of the company, depending on the required number of work visas for the operation of the company) and one bank account (which are open to the company license). You can open multiple accounts on this license in the UAE or other banks outside the territory of the UAE. If you want to register a company in the UAE, which would have more than one license, you need to have a license for each office.

Types of companies in the UAE:

There are three legal forms in FEZ (free economic zone), under which the various companies are:

- Company with one founder (Free Zone Establishment)

- The branch of a foreign company (Foreign Brunch)

- A company that has several founders (Free Zone Company)

With all of the above form entitles you to receive a residence visa to the investor, his relatives and the employees of this company.

Minimum number of directors - one (individual or legal entity). The Director may be resident of any country.

In the name of your company in the UAE can be used only letters of the Latin alphabet. The use of the words "Bank", "Trust Company", "Trustee Company", "Assurance", "Chamber of Commerce", "Municipal", "Municipality", "Emirates", or derivatives thereof are prohibited.

The name must end with "FZE".

Opening a branch of foreign companies in the UAE (FOREIGN BRUNCH)

Required documents that must be notarized in the country of incorporation of the company and certified by the UAE Embassy:

- Memorandum of Association

- Articles of Association

- Certificate of Incorporation

- True License copy

- Power of attorney

- Shareholders resolution

- Incumbency certificate / certificate of good standing

IMPORTANT: The company opened in the UAE FEZ has only sign of an offshore company (no tax), but in reality is full of classical UAE resident company. This unique combination gives a positive impact on your business tax minimization outside the UAE and without harming the status of the company operations, not cause complaints from the fiscal, tax authorities.

Our company provides a service for registering a company in the UAE of any FEZ. Our employees have experience in this field, knowing all the subtleties of the local legislation, will select the most suitable solution for you. The cost of our services is minimal, since we work directly with the SEZ without intermediaries.

Please contact a convenient way for you (to leave the application, order a call, contacts) and we will answer the question of how to start a business in Dubai and how to open a business in the UAE

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